Maureen V

The Great Wall of China

By: Maureen V.
Age: Early 60s
Actress and Adult Eduction Teacher (retired)

Here I am climbing the Great Wall of China. Two months before, it had been questionable whether I would be able to go on my long-planned journey. Chemotherapy had not been as successful in treating my multiple myeloma as we had hoped. Then, Dr. Berenson put me on a course of Revlimid and Medrol, and, as you can see, I have been doing extremely well!

This may sound strange, but I actually enjoy going to Berenson Oncology – Dr. B and his caring staff make me feel so hopeful about my condition.

When I was first diagnosed with multiple myeloma, I was horrified to learn about the median life expectancy and devastating effects of this disease. Luckily, I was encouraged by a good friend to seek out Dr. B, and I definitely made the right decision in choosing him to be my doctor. It is so wonderful to have a doctor who is focused on his patients’ quality of life and is at the forefront of developing new treatments.

I have one regret about my trip to China. When I was walking the Great Wall, I should have been carrying a sign saying, “Thank you, Dr. Berenson. You are my hero!”

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